Personal Branding Talks

Well what have I been up to lately I hear you ask? Personal Branding Talks? I’ve seen pictures of you on social media standing up in front of people and spouting?! exclaim my friends.  Rocking the #Powerhour at Girl Tribe Gang! Was that really you?! Yes it was me….. Turns out I quite like giving talks. Then again I’m not…

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The perfect time for new headshots

The beginning of the year is when most businesses take stock and make plans for the year ahead. This may include revamping your website, your social media and how you are seen online in general. Jo came to see me for new headshots as she wanted a variety of different looks to support the different facets of her business. She…

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Personal branding london

Doing Videos – me? Never!

For the past eighteen months my business coach has been saying that I need to do videos. My response was at first a look of abject horror and then every time the subject was bought up I  avoided it and promptly changed the subject. I’d just got over the hurdle of  seeing myself in pictures finally, and now you want…

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Personal Branding photographer London

So 2018 is here!

So 2018 is here and we are bombarded with New Year, new you, new diet, new hair, new fashion, new start, new EVERYTHING! I am so over it already. If,like me, you spent a bit of time over the Christmas break reflecting on your business last year and how things went for you; you may also have planned, jotted down…

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Building Brand You

The more Personal Branding work I do the more and more I see how important ‘brand’ is and how personal branding isn’t just for self employed people. As I’ve said in other blog posts employees need personal  branding for all different kinds of reasons and Claire was no different. Claire came to me after hearing one of my talks and…

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Investing in photography for your brand.

Starting a business is hard. It’s really hard. You’ve spent months planning what you want to do with the rest of your life, this is your dream, your baby and you absolutely have to get it right. You’ve spent a small fortune of a new shiny website and a logo and now you need some images. BUT – you didn’t…

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Personal Branding for a wonderful Personal Brand coach!

Joella came to see me a couple of weeks ago for her Personal Branding session and I’ll let her words tell you how it went!” “I am an executive coach working with senior women to help them gain the gravitas needed to operate effectively at executive level. Recently I decided to rebuild my website to give it a fresher more…

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Personal branding photographer London

I’m an employee – why do I need a personal brand?

This is a question I get asked lots when I’m out and about talking about personal branding. The answer may not be immediately obvious but if you think about it then the answer is still ‘Yes of course’! If you work in a large corporation with lots of employees in lots of different locations think about how you are going…

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