About Red Poppy

I am often asked where the name ‘Red Poppy’ came from.

It’s a simple tale. The man in this montage is my Poppa, my grandfather, who worked in the film industry and who gave me my first camera. He was a fantastic amateur photographer and it’s from him I get my gift of seeing the world slightly differently. The poppy is a china poppy I bought for my grandmother as a holiday present in France about 25 years ago. One evening I was talking to my sister on the phone and we were discussing what to call my business. I said ‘Oh I don’t know – I don’t want to be Claire Gardner Photography, that’s too boring” – and my eyes rested on the poppy hanging on my wall, “it needs to be something like Red Poppy or Blue Daisy”….. Kate replied “I like that”, “which one?” I said. “The poppy one” she cried.

And that was that. A random conversation one night between two girls gave my business it’s name. It’s one that people remember and it’s one I’ll never get tired of saying.

I’m Claire from Red Poppy Photography and I am a portrait photographer.

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