My Story

It is my heartfelt belief, from the bottom of my big toe, that every person should have an amazing portrait of him or herself. Whether that portrait is out on display over the mantelpiece or whether it’s in a box tucked under the bed or the back of the wardrobe. It doesn’t matter – you exist in photos.

Everyone has a story and each one is unique. Some are inspiring, some are heart breaking, joyful, jaw dropping, or gut wrenching. They are validation that you have existed, survived and made your mark on this world. I want to capture that, celebrate your story and show the world the amazing human being you are.

Through portraits I want to celebrate key moments and people in your life :

  • during your 20’s when you are just starting out and finding you feet
  • in your 30’s as you perhaps grow into motherhood
  • fabulous 40’s when you reclaim yourself
  • in your 50’s when life takes off again
  • in your 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s as you celebrate your life, your growing family and the fact that lines and wrinkles do not matter in the slightest!

I want to tell you my story.

A while back I booked myself onto a once in a lifetime workshop to train with one of my photographic heroes, I was so pumped up that I’d managed to book a place! The course would be focussing on portraits and it got me thinking about my own photographs. In all honesty I am guilty, like so many other women,  of running for the hills when a camera is pointed in my direction. Why do you think I’m behind the camera….??! We all procrastinate as to why there are no photos of us – we feel unphotogenic, too old, we haven’t had our hair done, we’ve put on weight etc etc – any excuse for not existing. It dawned on me that there were very few photos of me with my family and my loved ones and that it was time to stop. Time to stop running away and start to exist in my life.

I went to Paris to train with an amazing bunch of photographers led by the world renowned Sue Bryce. We had an awesome two days learning from the best in the world and I came away with my head buzzing with ideas, my phone full of new friends contact details and my heart full of gratitude for an amazing experience.

I also left Paris having had my portraits taken……

A wonderful lady called Nikki Closser was over supporting Sue and I booked my own session with her. I’ve never been married so have never had the whole bridal portrait experience, I think the last time I had my photo taken professionally was at school. Nikki and I clicked straight away, I kept making her and her fabulous make up artist Katie laugh with the mad Brit routine – yes I was nervous! But Nikki put me at ease and we had a great session, I felt relaxed and less self conscious than I have ever done in front of the camera. I allowed my self confidence to let me be me.

This is what I want YOU to experience. To learn to love yourself again, to be you and to allow your inner confident, beautiful, gorgeous goddess to shine through. To look in the mirror and meet yourself again. To see that and to be able to capture your transformation is a huge honour and I’d love to photograph you.