A new baby sister! Newborn photography in Uxbridge

Sophia bought her new baby sister Hanna to meet me a while back. Isn’t she such a gorgeous addition to the family! Sophia was so helpful during our session, she found Hanna’s dummy, helped give her a bottle and held her hand whilst she was having her nappy changed 🙂 Hanna was a wonderful little model with a peaches and cream complexion and so many smiles! Her big sister did very well when I was photographing the two of them together and was keen to make sure that Hanna smiled for the camera like she was. Hanna, however, was firmly ensconced in dreamland by this point. I love to be able to capture the start of a sibling relationship, it shows how ready the elder child is to be a big brother or sister and how they will protect the little one as they grow up.

It was great to be able to photograph the while family together too 🙂

I look forward to seeing how they are together when Hanna comes back for her sitting up shoot later in the year.

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