Personal Branding Talks

Well what have I been up to lately I hear you ask? Personal Branding Talks?

I’ve seen pictures of you on social media standing up in front of people and spouting?! exclaim my friends.  Rocking the #Powerhour at Girl Tribe Gang! Was that really you?!

Yes it was me…..

Turns out I quite like giving talks. Then again I’m not exactly the shy retiring type so getting up and talking in front of people isn’t a problem. I like the theatrics of it, the hook at the beginning, the middle theory, making people laugh and then hitting home with my message.

I like telling stories to show my audience why images are so important in branding. Showing the audience the difference it can make to a website or a profile and how they can use them to their best effect.

Most of these talks are within the realms of my networking groups so far and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my knowledge. My biggest audience has been 50 or so women at Girl Tribe Gang at Beaconsfield where I held the stage for 45 minutes showing them all how to use images in their branding.

By doing my talks I get to share all the tips and best practice I’ve picked up over the years of shooting, explaining the theory behind it and why it’s important for clients to know this when planning a personal branding shoot. It also gives those who don’t know me yet a chance to see me in action. Having a roomful of faces in front of you can be a bit daunting at first but as soon as I start and get my first giggle from them I know I’m OK and then it’s a case of keeping your attention and heads nodding as the message sinks in.

My next talk will be at Metro Bank in Uxbridge on 12th June if you’d like to come along and hear me speak, it’d be great to have some new faces in the audience!

Meanwhile here’s a few social media reviews of the Girl Gang talk 🙂




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