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Headshots Uxbridge

I think one of the biggest questions on the lips of every self employed person I know these days is how do I stand out from the crowd? How can I make people notice me? The world is a visual place and through the Internet we connect with our potential clients visually first. The way you come across on your website, your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn picture can communicate everything that you as a an entrepreneur want to say about yourself. Everyone has a personal brand and in today’s world it’s what we promote to connect with your targeted audience.

The simple headshot has moved on and evolved in line with social media and the way we use it today. We use different types of images to engage with our clients in different ways across different platforms. Headshots used in the context of social media will resonate with the type of client you want to work with. People commission lifestyle shots perhaps for their blog site to illustrate the way of life that they are endorsing and creating and then there are the more personal phone snaps that inhabit the Instagram world.

All these different types of images have a place in your personal brand. You don’t build the trust of a client by just showing them your shiny new website with the lovely corporate colours, you build their trust by showing them YOU. People buy people and when you can see the person you are potentially booking then you get a sense of what and who you are engaging with. We need images for so many things these days, guest articles, guest blogging, speaking engagements profiles, social media, websites, online directories and the list goes on and on. If you don’t love your current online profile picture does that make you less inclined to ‘get out there’ and not post online? Could that be holding you back and losing you business and opportunities?

A few months ago I felt like many of us. I hated my pictures and very rarely commented or engaged with online forums or discussions as I didn’t want to be seen in that way. Having my photos taken has changed that, I like who I see before me and have no qualms about joining in on group discussions and getting out there online – and believe me doors have opened!

If you’d like to change the way you’re seen professionally please get in touch with me here and I’d be delighted to take those portraits! Personal Branding postcard May2017

Headshots Uxbridge