Portrait Information

So how does this all work then?

This is not just about you having your portrait taken. This is about you, your story, your experience and the journey you have been on. Red Poppy Portraits is the place to come and tell your stories and celebrate your life through photographs.

If you have been on a journey, undergone a transformation, survived a life changing event I would love you to come and celebrate that in front of my camera with me. Also if you’d like to be photographed with the important people in your life – your mother, your daughter, your best friends then I’d be delighted to welcome you to the studio!

A portrait shoot with Red Poppy is a morning of hair and make up, drinking champagne or coffee and catching up with friends. It is feeling amazing in front of the camera, feeling confident in your own skin and laughing with me. It is leaving the studio walking on air, feeling fantastic and ready to take on the world.

After your shoot you will be invited back to the studio for your reveal. This is when I show you what I and the rest of the world sees. You. It is where you can reconnect with yourself, hold beautiful fine art portraits of yourself in your hands and fill your own handcrafted folio box. You can take those portraits away on the day with you. If you’d like to see our full pricelist please click here  2018 portrait master pricelist or if there’s a specific part of your shoot you’d like to discuss please drop me an email. 

What you do with that box is up to you. You can hang your portraits on your walls or hide them under the bed but the important thing is that you came to see me.  You stood in front of my camera a tall, proud, confident, glowing phenomenal human being. You showed me the person you are. I captured that and now you exist in photos for all to see.