Remembrance Poppies

At this time of year I’m always conscious that the Red Poppy in my name has a whole other meaning for millions of people across the world. On Sunday at 11am the UK will stop and remember every person who gave their life fighting for their fellow human beings and say thank you. I give my Poppy back to the world on Remembrance Sunday and encourage everyone to remember through photographs those who are no longer here and to celebrate your own family history.

My youngest niece Alice was given some homework last week to write a Remembrance Sunday poem. She read it out to us on Sunday morning and I have to say we were all floored by it. I sat there listening with tears streaming down my face. The words of a little girl who thankfully has never known war hit me right in the guts.

So this year I’m sharing Alice’s poem with you all as well as my poppy – she says she’d like as many people as possible to read it and to say thank you in their own way.

I hope you find it just as moving as I did.

Poppy poem

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