Roses for Rosie. Baby girl newborn shoot in London.

Oh Rosie, Rosie, Rosie.

You came to the studio and knew straight away that sleeping was not for you that day! I could see that you were far too interested in what was going on around you to shut those eyes. You even managed the resist the full onslaught of swaddling, white noise, the heater and me rocking you and that must be a first 🙂 In the world of Red Poppy we never say never and you came back after a couple of days.

Our second attempt was much more successful and you did drift off for about an hour which gave me enough time to the lovely sleepy shots you can see here. Rosie is by no means unusual in the world of newborn photography. EVERY baby is different and every baby brings their own challenges to the shoot. As an experienced newborn photographer there’s not much I’ve not seen, you just remain calm and carry on. The baby will tell you what they want and when. As photographers you just have to listen and when they are ready, pick up your camera.

Rosie is such a gorgeous little lady, I had a great time with her and her Mum. Enjoy the photos :)!


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