Where did the time go? Kurt’s sitting session.

It seems like yesterday that Kurt came into see me for his newborn shoot! Where did the time go. All too soon he’s back in for his sitting session. I love this time is a baby’s development, I get to see how the little tiny ones have grown and have another cuddle! Kurt is such a gorgeous little boy with the most adorable baby giggle and dimples. We laughed a lot during the shoot and sang lots and lots of nursery rhymes. You can just about see the toddler that is emerging from the baby.

It’s great to mark this milestone for babies, sitting up is a big thing and they are ever so proud of themselves when they do it! You also get to capture all the personality that has emerged. They chat away, telling you all about the things they’ve learned and what they want to do when they get bigger! It is a delight to photograph 🙂



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