Top tips for taking your own baby photos

You have a new little person in the house and of course you are going to take photos of them all the time as every second is new and every little developmental stage is a milestone that needs to be recorded!

So after you’ve been so see me for your newborn pictures – ;)- here are my top tips for continuing to take photos of baby in your own home.

  • It goes without saying but please make sure that your baby’s safety is the number one priority whilst you are taking photos. Never leave the baby unattended. Please do not attempt the more complicated poses that you see from professional photographers – these are composite images where the photographer has taken several photos and sewn them together in post production. Babies in these poses are never left unsupported and are always held safely, the photographer then edits out the supporting hands.
  • Lighting – find a good source of natural light (a big window or patio doors) and set up close to it. Remember to turn off the automatic flash on your camera, if you’ve got a good light source then you won’t need it.
  • Use a white or neutral coloured backdrop so not to detract from the baby.
  • Keep the room where you’re doing the shoot really warm, white noise does wonders for keeping babies asleep. If you’ve not discovered this yet there are a number of free apps available. Also keep your baby’s tummy nice and full so that they’re ‘milky drunk’.
  • Don’t forget to photograph the tiny details that make your baby unique. Little button noses, eyelashes, rosebud lips, tiny toes and fingers – all the things you won’t want to forget as they grow up.

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