Mathys flies in for his session!

Mathys certainly wins the prize for travelling the furthest to have a photo shoot with me to date! He came all the way from the Caribbean! He also came to meet his grandparents for the first time and all his Mummy’s friends.

Mathys has the most gorgeous smile and I wish I could let you hear him giggle – it’s gorgeous! One strange thing happened as they were leaving; my Dad turned up to finish doing some painting, pleasantries were exchanged and suddenly Mathy’s mum says that my Dad looks very familiar to her. It turns out that Dad used to teach her graphics when she was at his school back in the day! How small a world is that?!

I’m very proud that my portraits will be going halfway around the world with Mathys, he’s promised to come back very soon for another visit and I can’t wait :)!

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