Demystifying the description

There may be times when the specialisms in your business need a bit of help in explaining exactly what they are. I am guilty of slipping into ‘tekky photographer’ mode when I get excited or enthused on a subject and assume that the person I’m talking to knows exactly what I’m talking about. The glazed look comes over the person’s eyes and they start the inevitable ‘hmm’ and a vague ‘yes’ but I know I’ve lost them.

So how do you explain the more unusual techniques that you offer? Prospective clients will be searching on the internet and will find you and your services but may look at a written list and think what exactly is that??

In my example here I was working with the wonderful Jacqui from Swakeleys Massage updating her website images and she explained that she practices an unusual technique called Rebozo for some of her clients.

The rebozo is a large scarf used by Mexican midwives which is where the name comes from and the practice orginated. Rebozo techniques are used during fertility massage. If you were browsing and came across this on a list of services you may think ‘hmmm, I don’t know what that is, I’m not sure it can help me’ and then leave the website when actually  it’s a technique that could help that client. So SHOWING action photos of the technique in action can show clients what they can expect. If they see it, they can then decide whether it’s right for them. 

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In this case you can see a clear explaination of the technique and how it works. It has completely demystified the description. It gets the message across quickly and your prospective client will see whether it’s for them and book in. Never has the saying a picture is worth a thousand words been more true. 

If you’d like to demystify some of your unusual techniques with images then why not book a discovery call with me and we can make sure your message comes across loud and clear!


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