Doing Videos – me? Never!

For the past eighteen months my business coach has been saying that I need to do videos. My response was at first a look of abject horror and then every time the subject was bought up I  avoided it and promptly changed the subject.

I’d just got over the hurdle of  seeing myself in pictures finally, and now you want to see a moving talking version of myself I though!  I couldn’t think of anything worse. I watched people doing Facebook lives, sometimes grimacing as they got it wrong or dropped the phone or froze up and thought I could never do that. Who would want to listen to what I say or even see me on their screens.

But slowly things began to change in my head. The more work I’ve done on personal branding the more I understand the need to be seen, to be known in this digital world. Not necessarily famous, but known in their area and community. Everyone has a personal brand and it’s up to you on how you cultivate it. If you don’t then someone else will. It wasn’t until I was asked to be a Coach for Girl Tribe Gang that I seriously began to think about tackling the video issue.

I put myself into a Girl Gang member’s shoes – if they looked me up wanting some Personal Branding advice, what would they see? Yes they would see amazing headshots, some behind the scenes and the odd blog post on why they should be doing something about their personal branding. Yes there is a photo of me on the site but they wouldn’t hear me talk about personal branding. They wouldn’t hear the passion and the enthusiasm that I exude when I talk about personal branding images. They wouldn’t hear me laugh, tell stories or connect with ME.

People buy people. If they can start the relationship with you online, they can glean so much, what you look like, what you sound like, are you authentic and are you the type of person they want to do business with?

So last week I took myself down to the studio armed with my tripod and my phone and some paper. I sat there looking at this tiny piece of metal that was going to unleash me into the world. I took a deep breath and immediately had a coughing fit. I started to talk, it was Ok, I fluffed several times and started again; I kept going. When the urge to pack up and leave it presented itself I kept thinking ‘Be seen’ – doing this is going to show everyone what you do and why you do it. That is so important. If I can’t met you face to face then I want you to know that I am really passionate about what I do. I want you to see that I am an expert, that I know my stuff and to give you enough information about me to start a conversation.

So there are few videos of me out there now, they’re on the blog here and also on my YouTube channel  I hope you enjoy them and watch out for some more soon!

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