I’m an employee – why do I need a personal brand?

This is a question I get asked lots when I’m out and about talking about personal branding. The answer may not be immediately obvious but if you think about it then the answer is still ‘Yes of course’!

If you work in a large corporation with lots of employees in lots of different locations think about how you are going to stand out from the competition. Imagine you saw an advert for your dream job on the company’s intranet one morning, it’s the job you’ve always wanted and have worked towards all your career. What differentiates you from Bob in the next cubicle who is also thinking of applying? Do your superiors know your face? Would they recognise you if they met you in the lunch queue? Would they be able to congratulate you on your latest research paper that you’ve just published? Or that fantastic talk you gave at your industry conference last week?

Employers need to be able to connect with their employees and to be sure that they in turn connect with the company brand, values and ethos. If your boss can see from your brand that you are promoting company values as well as your own personal brand then how do you think they will view you when it comes to your annual performance review? Things are simple as having an awesome profile image at the bottom of your emails in your email signature make you memorable. If you think about the number of emails that get sent every day – how many times are you missing an opportunity to get your face known?

If you’ve put your imagery on your research papers you’ve published and that imagery is aligned with your company’s brand and ethos then bosses are able to see that you are promoting yourself in a positive light outside the office and in the wider world of your industry community. If you speak at trade shows or conferences it’s the same thing. Your voice + your vision = your brand and if your brand is recognisable and consistent then that can only ben seen in a positive light.

So the next time you sign off an email or speak at a conference think about the ways your brand can open up your career path and if you’d like to talk about how the right imagery can help open that path up then I’d be delighted to talk to you. Headshot photographer London

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