Personal Branding for a wonderful Personal Brand coach!

Joella came to see me a couple of weeks ago for her Personal Branding session and I’ll let her words tell you how it went!”

“I am an executive coach working with senior women to help them gain the gravitas needed to operate effectively at executive level. Recently I decided to rebuild my website to give it a fresher more business-like look. I needed some portrait shots and a colleague recommended Claire’s services. 

I was a little nervous as, having invested the time and money, I was concerned that I would be able to use what she produced. In the event I need not have worried. 

From the moment I arrived, she took care of every need. A welcoming cup of coffee and initial discussion about what I wanted to achieve was followed by a hilarious session in her well-appointed studio. She explained how to pose and why, putting me at ease in every way. It felt more like a couple of teenagers having a lark than a serious photographic session! 

As a result, she was able to provide me with a range of amazing shots from seriously professional, to high fashion, to smart casual. I loved every minute of it and was really impressed with the quality of the photography.

 If you want someone who picks up quickly on what you need and delivers wonderful shots quickly and without fuss then Claire is your woman!”

Thank you Joella for your kind words and I’m so pleased to have been part of refreshing your online business presence! And for anyone who would like to know more about Joella’s executive coaching please visit her website here


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