So 2018 is here!

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So 2018 is here and we are bombarded with New Year, new you, new diet, new hair, new fashion, new start, new EVERYTHING! I am so over it already.

If,like me, you spent a bit of time over the Christmas break reflecting on your business last year and how things went for you; you may also have planned, jotted down some goals for your business this year.

BUT – is there something still holding you back from leaping right in? From showing up online, from engaging with your customers and starting to make all those plans and successes in your head REAL?

Is it because secretly you don’t like you headshot? ~Is it not really YOU? Is it not how you want to be seen online and does it tell a crucial part of your business story?

I don’t want you to sabotage your plans and dreams for this year by being embarrassed about your headshot. I want you to be seen how you really want to be seen online. I want you to be so darn confident with your amazing headshot that you are bursting through all those virtual doors and announcing to the world that you are here, present and ready to do business! I want you to make some amazing connections and widen your network and then see what new opportunities come your way.

This time next year I want you to reflect back on 2018 and say to yourself that investing your business and new personal branding shots was the best business investment you made all year. I want to hear how many doors it opened for you and hear how high you flew.

So if it’s on your to do list this month, give me a call and we can start talking about how you become unmissible online 🙂



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