Building Brand You

The more Personal Branding work I do the more and more I see how important ‘brand’ is and how personal branding isn’t just for self employed people. As I’ve said in other blog posts employees need personal  branding for all different kinds of reasons and Claire was no different. Claire came to me after hearing one of my talks and said that she needed a confidence boost after being off work for some time due to illness.

An amazing headshot can give you the confidence to show up on line more, to engage with conversations, to voice your opinions and to build your brand and your colleagues awareness of you as a leader and tem player. Think of all the doors this could open for you and what you could be missing if you’re avoiding the online world. As companies expand intranets, hold meetings online and staff discussions and forums it’s always good to see who you’re talking to! Imagine how you’d feel having a meeting with a cartoon avatar…..?!

Anyway here’s what Claire said about her experience –

“I am National Account Manager for a Toy company which entails managing sales in key UK Toy retailers. It’s a fast paced job that requires lots of confidence and a high level of energy. When I returned to work after my illness I found it challenging as I was still recovering from treatment, was experiencing ongoing fatigue, and found that my confidence had been knocked.  After nine months back in the job I felt that I had come a long way and wanted to celebrate my restored confidence by updating my work email profile photo with a more professional and assertive headshot.  Claire’s photo shoot made me feel more confident being in front of the camera and I feel that the end photos  bring out my personality as well as myself restored self belief.  I’d be happy to recommend Claire to anyone looking for a photo shoot as she gets to know the real you and truly brings this out though her work.”

I think she rocked it!

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